Organizational Change Management - Helping your people adopt and embrace change

Introducing any major change into an organization is not as simple as telling everyone to do something different. You need to manage the people-side of change to truly see your idea thrive. We will manage your change and deliver buy-in from those impacted. This results in quicker adoption, less resistance, less turnover, higher employee morale and more trust for future initiatives.

Strategic Leadership - Establishing a PMO, roadmaps, contracts, process improvement, team evaluations

We will learn about the level of service you desire from your IT department, then assess the current teams, tools and processes in place to see if your IT department can meet your needs. We then fill gaps in knowledge with training and staffing to ensure your IT department has the skills needed to deliver consistently. We also manage vendors to ensure the right tools are in place, at the right cost. Finally, we will re-engineer your broken or slow processes to reduce waste and improve delivery time. Throughout the process we will provide strategic roadmaps and repair broken relationships between your IT department and its clients.

Tactical Leadership - Program & project management, business analysis, system architecture, solution delivery

You're going to ask for a quality solution, at a low cost, with a quick delivery. It's what every executive wants:  good, cheap and fast. It's our job to help you find your most important constraints and then deliver to your expectations. We achieve this with research, analysis and documentation on the gap between what you have and what you want. We'll create a plan to fill that gap, and then meticulously manage that plan to completion, while providing status updates and frequent deliveries.

Teaching & Training

Kevin Miller is an author for online learning industry leader, Pluralsight, and has published three courses in the Managing IT series since 2017:  Metrics and Measurements, Organizational Change Management and Communication. View the trailers for these courses below, then sign up for a free trial account to watch them. Other areas of training expertise include:  agile vs. waterfall methodologies, establishing a project management office (PMO), collaboration portals, information architecture, issue management, time management, and more.